I was born 1968 in Poland. Since I was 15 years old I was learning painting, design and photography this gave me basics for my later film studies and interests in art.  In 1988 I moved with my family to Germany where I started  to study cinematography in Dortmund. In this time I also  worked as camera assistant  on the set of feature films and tv dramas. I graduated in 2001. Since than I work as camerawomen mainly on documentaries, short films, art  and music videos. What I like about my work, is to collaborate with people, working in team, visiting places I will never get chance to get in, simply creating pictures. I´v got understanding for art from my youth, when my wish was to become a painter. My privat life and my work makes me travel a lot, this gives me inspiration and understanding the world,and people i am meeting better. Please feel free to browse my website.